Showtime to Air Bon Jovi Documentary.

Ramón to Cancel Showtime Subscription.


I know I said Hurl was the worst show on TV, but that was before I found out this guy had his own show. WTF? This turd is seriously unfunny. Why is he allowed to have a sketch comedy program? Tell me he has photos of a network exec diddling a preteen or something and has blackmailed his way onto the airwaves. That’s the only reasonable explanation. Frank Caliendo, get off my TV. Now! Git! Go on! I’m not going to tell you a second time.

Or not.

Friday Morning Music Club is a weekly column in which I review new, old, classic and/or shitty albums.

In honor of the holiday there is no review this week. Instead I present you with this chunk of patriotism: America We Stand As One by Dennis Madalone. Stick that in your bottle rocket.

NBC’s having a tough time. Poor NBC.

NEW YORK – Still reeling from Tim Russert’s death, NBC News must now contemplate replacing the man who not only dominated the Sunday morning talk shows, but served as chief political commentator and ran the Washington bureau.

The “Meet the Press” host had what was arguably the most important and far-reaching job in television news, particularly in an election year. He died of a heart attack Friday while preparing for another week’s edition of “Meet the Press.”

The problem is, there’s hardly any blustery, obnoxious white guys in the news media. Famous white male anchors are, like, nonexistent, man. Where the hell are they gonna find someone?

I have a suggestion:

(Yeah, I know about Henson.)