Showtime to Air Bon Jovi Documentary.

Ramón to Cancel Showtime Subscription.


Christopher Meloni (AKA Not Elias Koteas), who has played both an über-detective on the neverending L&O franchise, and was also the aryan-turncoat, serial-killing, Toby-loving psychopath on Oz (yay for shower scenes!).

Seriously? Seriously? Wow. I totally did not see that coming. That was totally awesome. Very cool.

Now, what? I have to wait nine months for a new episode? Fuck.

“I figured no one would care that I didn’t speak English well if their highlights were pretty.”

— Vietnamese immigrant, celebrity stylist, Shear Genius judge, and plastic surgery aficionado Kim Vo, who also says in a recent interview with Allure magazine that he learned to speak English by watching shows like Dukes of Hazzard and Wonder Woman.

You know, I think he’s right–I think as long as their highlights are pretty, most people don’t care if their hair stylists speak English well. I’m not so sure how most people feel about their stylists looking like aliens from Planet Whatthefuck, though.

(He still looked vaguely Asian once upon a time.)

Do you think it’s possible that all Donald Trump really wants in this world…

…is to be Blair from Facts of Life?

Showtime has posted a preview of Dexter season three.  Watch it, because this show rules.  If you don’t have Showtime a) you suck, and b) you need to get it.  Before September 29th.

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