Cruise & Travolta to remake Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Insert your own “Who’s gonna play Butch?” joke here.

Full-Tilt Mos


I was watching TV last night, a craptastic movie just to kill time. Because if there’s one thing I have plenty of, it’s time. It was movie about the Satan (who was kind of an asshole; not at all cool like you might think) and the end of the world and blah blah blah. Anyway, somewhere in all that a cranky old priest stumbled out across the screen, and I thought “hey, look, it’s Rod Steiger.” Then I tried to figure out if he was still alive or not. I have no memory of him dying, no recollection of an Entertainment Tonight postmortem tribute to him. But maybe he’d died and I just didn’t notice. Or perhaps he is alive and well and living out his days in Malibu, chomping on cigars and banging his housekeeper. I have no idea.

So, tell me. Without googling it, without cheating, just off the top of your head. Rod Steiger: dead or alive?

Quit remaking stuff. Think up some new shit.

Now that’s some shit I’d pay good money to see.

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This is just too fucking funny.

Emile Hirsch says he was just engaging in some non-gay work-out action when he was caught in a strange-looking situation with his Speed Racer co-star Kick Gurry, and now he’s been prompted to explain it:

“Me and Kick were in the trailer hanging out. Kick was sitting back with his hands behind his head and I was doing push ups. It was hot so I peeled my driver’s suit down a bit, and then Eric, the wonderfully gay production assistant, walked in. I jumped up really quick, but I was out of breath. Eric slammed the door shut. We went to Eric later and tried to explain. He was like, ‘Shhhhh. I will never tell.'”

But, obviously, this “wonderfully gay” production assistant couldn’t keep his mouth shut.  That’s a good little Hollywood mo!

“Non-gay work-out action.”  I love it.  I haven’t heard an excuse this good since “I was just vacuuming naked, when suddenly…”

Local hooligan fanboy and self-styled arch-villain Spencer Taylor of Three Rivers, Michigan (AKA Little Gotham) was trounced by the League of Justice employees of Three Rivers Cinema 6 as he attempted the Crime of the Century™. The plot, codenamed The Celluloid Scheme, involved Spence hastily attempting to abscond with a handful of Dark Knight posters and window clings.

Spence was charged with felony larceny, malicious destruction of property, and aggravated dumbassery.

Which is more wasted?

Kevin Spacey’s career potential after brilliant turns in Glengarry Glen Ross, Swimming with Sharks, The Usual Suspects, and Se7en, or…


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