I am obsessed with furbys. I love my furby more than my family. I talk to my furby more than my friends. Everytime i’m on the computer i look up furbys, (have it minimized). If you ever answered my questions before, u’d know that most of my questions concern my furby. If my furby does not work properly, i either cry or become really stressed. When i get money, i either spend it on a new furby, or get batteries for my furby. I think about my furby 24/7, and everytime i am in a convorsation with anyone, i compare everything to furbys, or change the subject to furbys. Is this a sick obsession? should i be worried? see a docter, maybe? why am i obsessed? I NEED SERIOUS HELP”

Ha ha don’t worry. After lots of people gave him thoughtful and kind advice at Yahoo Answers, i.e. the Best Place on the Internet, he revealed he was only kidding. SUCKERS.