September 2008

Falco meets Brigitte Nielsen. Seriously. The song is titled “Body Next To Body.” Seriously. Written and produced by Giorgio Moroder. Seriously.


To CNN’s David Gergen: Enough with the combover. You’re fooling no one with that thing. In fact, it looks downright ridiculous. Stop it before it hurts your credibility further.

I know I said Hurl was the worst show on TV, but that was before I found out this guy had his own show. WTF? This turd is seriously unfunny. Why is he allowed to have a sketch comedy program? Tell me he has photos of a network exec diddling a preteen or something and has blackmailed his way onto the airwaves. That’s the only reasonable explanation. Frank Caliendo, get off my TV. Now! Git! Go on! I’m not going to tell you a second time.

George Takei and partner Brad Altman were married Sunday in California. Among the wedding guests: Star Trek‘s Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols, serving as best man and best lady.

Best wishes to the happy couple!

Seriously? Seriously? Wow. I totally did not see that coming. That was totally awesome. Very cool.

Now, what? I have to wait nine months for a new episode? Fuck.

The only thing more gay than showtunes is crystal meth. And that was made even gayer with the invention of the booty bump. I’m not sure whose idea that was, but that guy has nothing on the genius behind this number:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is the gayest thing ever. It’s like a Guy Maddin film full of flying monkeys. Or a hairdresser on poppers. Or an Erasure song.


Al Gore

I want him to spank me.

Don’t judge.

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