Never mind that they’ve put that racist fuckwit Dog the Bounty Hunter back on the air. Never mind that all day every day is a Gene Simmons Family Jewels marathon. Never mind that Criss Angel’s “magic tricks” are supplemented with heavy doses of CGI. Never mind all that.

A&E can blow for what they’ve done with The Sopranos. No, I’m not talking about the basic cable bowdlerization, that’s to be expected. For the last year I’ve caught up on the exploits of the New Jersey mob in a family-friendly format, with most of the cussing and nudity excised. I’ve followed along all the way through six seasons. Almost.

The Arts and Entertainment network has yet to air the final nine episodes of the final season. They’ve tried to hide this fact by shuffling the show to a new timeslot, but every damn time they get to episode seventy-seven, blam! they start running old shit again. What fuckin’ gives?

I really want to know. I even asked A&E directly. Their response:

Season six of the Sopranos is scheduled to air Saturday nights at 10PM ET/ 9PM CT, or later depending on the A&E movie pick of the week. The episodes will continue in successive order, through season six, in the same timeslot.

So, where are the final episodes of season six? They sure aren’t on A&E on Saturday nights.