She rejected that trainwreck, Dancing with the Stars.

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars at the very least is trying to amp up the drama for the coming season by courting some colorful and/or unexpected celebs. Securing the big “Yes,” though, is the hard part.

“I have a hard offer for Dancing with the Stars,” raucous redhead and proud D-Lister Kathy Griffin tells TV’s Extra. But when asked if she plans to accept ABC’s invite, she says, “No! I can’t even touch my toes!”

Why the hell would you want to watch Kathy Griffin on a show where she’s hardly talking at all?  Pfft.  The only treasure that could possibly come out of this coupling would be the no doubt incredibly nasty comedy special it would spawn.  The most amusing part about this story is that the link to it states “D-list star rejects an A-list TV offer.”

A-list?  Really?  In the article, the next person DWTS courted was…

..wait for it..

Dan Quayle.