For your pleasure, this lyrical little gem I heard on the radio today:

One time you were my baby chicken
Now you’ve grown into a fox
Once upon a time I was your little rooster
But am I just one of your cocks

The Rolling Stones, 2005

I don’t know whether to be relieved or not that this was a Stones song. A relatively new one at that. I mean, at least it wasn’t Franz Ferdinand or the Raconteurs, someone young and new spewing out such infantile pap. When it’s the Stones you can say, hey, they’re way past their prime, and no one really gives a shit about them anymore.

Except that shit came oozing out the speakers of my car. No amount of Little Tree Air Fresheners will erase that stink from my floor mats.  Really, guys, if you’ve devolved into a full-fledged Tappian self-parody of yourselves, it’s time to hang it up.