The original cut of Fritz Lang’s futuristic masterpiece Metropolis, long since thought lost to the ashcan of cinematic history, has been found. The print discovered in Argentina (“where all things German go to hide” as one correspondent quipped) in the vault of the Museo del Cine is described as an “uncut version” of Lang’s film. If true, this is could be the first time in eighty years the film has been seen as intended by the visionary director.

For years attempts have been made to restore surviving prints to as close an approximation of the original as possible, including a version in 1984 assembled under the direction of Disco King Giorgio Moroder. (His colorized, synth-popped version was largely considered an insult to film fanatics and cinephiles everywhere. Moroder’s penance was writing “Take My Breath Away” and quickly retiring.)

The 2002 version put together by The F.W. Murnau Foundation was considered the most complete version available. That will all change now. And how fuckin’ cool is it that there’s a F.W. Murnau Foundation? I totally want to work there. On the night shift, of course.

Here’s to hoping more lost films turn up. Next time you’re at Granny’s, check the attic. Maybe there’s an old Lon Chaney film up there.