Friday Morning Music Club is a weekly column in which I review new, old, classic and/or shitty albums.

Blake Lewis
Audio Day Dream

I guess it takes a lot of balls to write a song “inspired” by “Putting on the Ritz.” I mean, really, who lists Taco as an influence? But, hey, good for you, Blake, stand tall. Don’t let anyone give you shit for loving synth pop. I sure don’t.

So, is the album any good? Well, it’s not bad. It isn’t great either. About what you’d expect from an American Idol runner-up. About what you’d expect from an American Idol runner-up who counts Taco among his influences. The songs are poppy, sort of catchy, but ultimately not very memorable. Sort of like what the Backstreet Boys might sound like if there were still together. Actually, they’re not that good. More like if 98 Degrees were still together.

There are no real surprises here. I could do without the beatboxing, but I realize that’s Lewis’s “thing.” It could be worse, he could have really overdone it and beatboxed on every song. Wait. Nevermind.

All that said, I admit I kind of liked the album. If I’m on shuffle and a song of his comes on, I probably won’t skip it.