Susie Sprague Feldman, better known as the woman married to the Corey who’s not a complete wreck, will be flashing her badge in the August issue of Playboy. Hawt. “Ridiculously” so says her hubby. And Hugh Hefner’s request that the young lady strip naked for the cameras? “Very moving.” Sure, why wouldn’t it be? It’s art after all. Most good beaver shots are.

Hot Child in the City

Here is the happy couple, somewhere. Corey appears to be sporting some fresh ink, and a velveteen couch that’s been recycled into a pantsuit. Maybe he should get naked instead. At least ditch that outfit.

Hey, ya know, that reminds me: Once, about a decade and a half ago, I saw Feldman at Aron’s Records in L.A. with the with a little Asian guy, the two obviously on a date (they were hanging all over one another) giggling at an old Stand By Me soundtrack album.