Oh Boy!

People take you very seriously because you’re such a good artist. Do you enjoy having some of the privileges that go with being a leading man?

“Of course. And I never forget that. But that’s in keeping with the kind of ups and down that I was accustomed to in growing up, that I don’t take it for granted. And I don’t see it as something that I’m entitled to. I see myself as a lucky bastard. And for some reason, hey, I get to enjoy these things. Is that always going to last? I have no idea. And the day I start believing it’s always going to last will probably be the day it’s all gone. And, you know, that to me is the definition of a lucky bastard. Because there was no big plan here whatsoever. It’s all a happy accident.”

I was going to be all sassy and say he can have a happy accident on me anytime he wants, but that sounded too much like an invitation to give me a golden shower.

And everyone knows I’m a scat girl.